Yes, we love Memphis BBQ, but Texas BBQ is pretty darn good!  We had plenty.  First, we ate some FFA brisket on Friday night.  Daryn especially loved the corn.  We had some more brisket and ribs on Saturday afternoon hanging out in Mike’s archery and hunting shop.  And, Saturday evening we had our final meal together… pork sausage / ground beef burgers.  YUM!  Overall, I feel like I’m taking home two little cowgirls!


Horses and Cows

We arrived at Mike and Dea’s on Thursday, and Dea boards horses for a living, in addition to taking care of four of her own.  So, the girls got a chance to help feed the horses, wash them, and help them to and from their stalls.  We also spent time with LaFonda, the cute hefer.  We were going to Bedazzle her harness, but never got around to it. And what did I do?  All of that in addition to picking up horse poop.  Although it didn’t smell as bad as my dogs’ poop, it is heavy, and I did hurt my shoulder Saturday night!  So, we earned our keep, so to speak!

Texas, here we come!

Ok, so truthfully, we are home now (Sunday), but I didn’t have internet since Mark’s!  So, I’ll have to take the DeLorean back in time to recap……..  We drove from Arizona to El Paso, then San Antonio.  Since the drive to Mike and Dea’s was a short one from San Antonio, we decided to see the Alamo!  It was surreal to be in such an old place, especially as time as clearly move on around this place.  But, overall, it was a good history lesson for the girls.  We then trudged down to the River Walk- really cool- to eat some Mexican food.  We spent some time also watching the birds pick packets of Sweet and Low off empty tables and eat the stuff!  Weird.  Then, it was off to Mike and Dea’s to conclude the rest of our Thursday.

Mark and the Cat

We arrived at Mark’s house today.  His cat, Sylvester, was not thrilled.  He was holding the cat, and then the cat freaked out because of the girls, and promptly tore his shirt!  However, we went out that evening to Gordon Biersch’s- great pizza and beer!  The following day we went to Panda Express, which is Daryn’s favorite.  I guess we are celebrating her birthday (August 4th) a bit early!  Currently, we are off to El Paso, then San Antonio.  We’ll visit Mike in Tomball, TX, and then home (Finally) on Sunday!

Grand Canyon

It is GRAND.  I can’t say more than that.  It is the most visually stunning sight I’ve ever seen in my life.  I have to come back again when Allyn is old enough to do the mule rides.  It is vast, massive, and beautiful.  We were able to spend our entire Saturday walking along the rim trails.  The girls became Junior Rangers after listening to a Fossil Talk and Condor Talk.  Yes, we did see condors too!  Daryn even got an extra special badge by completing worksheets about workers during the Great Depression, many of whom made many of the trails we use today.  Then the girls heard another ranger talk about water conservation and the history of the Colorado River.  This has been a rewarding and economical trip because of the free shuttles, free ranger programs, and free trails that can take you to all these beautiful locations!  Fab, and we’ll be back again!


We arrived and set up camp Friday afternoon.  We have a fab spot, with the perfect amount of trees.  What is great is that we can keep everything in the truck because the canyon has a free shuttle system that will take us where we want to go.  I have now made Spam, pancakes, corn, Top Ramen, hot dogs, and smores with fire.  Daryn helped set up the tent, and Allyn nearly passed out blowing up the air mattresses.  But, we are here and enjoying roughing it for a while.  Oh, and this morning, as I sit at the Grand Canyon National Headquarters, using their WiFi and blogging, I must tell you about a funny thing.  This morning, about 4am, I heard growling!  I stayed still in my sleeping bag, decided whether or not to go outside and use my pepper spray.  After I listed for a while more, I realized it was the guy in the tent in the next campground snoring!  Geeeeeeezzzz!

On the 23rd we were able to spend time with Great-grandma Laura.  She made us fab food and showed us the newest shopping areas in Green Valley.  Of course, the valley is not green because of the lush landscape- it was well over 100 degrees everyday- notice the misters on the trees that are required by law!  We left on Friday, and had to make a stop at Hoover Dam.  We didn’t take the tour, but I showed the girls all the cool stuff.  At about the half-way point, I think we were too hot to do any more!